The Cause

The purpose of the Fund is to support synovial sarcoma research. Synovial sarcoma is presently an incurable form of cancer that afflicts hundreds of young people each year, ages 15 to 35, most of whom die within a few years of becoming ill. The cause of the disease is unknown.

In the 12 years Nabil had synovial sarcoma, very little research was done on the disease and progress was limited in terms of treatment. In June of 2006, Nabil talked to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center about raising funds for research on synovial sarcoma. Because there is a paucity of research, even relatively small projects can significantly increase the knowledge base of the disease and lead to potentially substantial progress and treatment. With this in mind, Nabil believed that what was most needed was to raise seed money that could stimulate research and interest in synovial sarcoma, and provide hope for those afflicted with the disease.

Unfortunately, Nabil did not live long enough to see it through, so his widow Asu Okyay and the Bustany family have created a fund in his name, the Paul Nabil Bustany Memorial Fund for Synovial Sarcoma Research.