Synovial sarcoma is an incurable form of cancer that afflicts hundreds of primarily young people each year, ages 15 to 35, an unfortunately large proportion of whom succumb to the cancer within a few years of becoming ill.

The Paul Nabil Bustany Fund is entirely run by volunteers and all donations go directly to support synovial sarcoma research. The purpose of the fund is solely to support synovial sarcoma research.

What started out as a group of Paul Nabil’s family and close friends coming together to honor his life has turned into an accomplished organization with results we can be proud of.

Our grantees have noted that our financial support enables them to continue their work and make important advancements in the field.

Our donors have appreciated being a part of a worthy cause. And our friends who are still battling synovial sarcoma have found hope in our efforts to cure and bring wider attention to this rare and deadly disease.

What Has the Fund Accomplished?

• We are the first foundation dedicated to supporting research on Synovial sarcoma.

• Since 2007
we have raised over $500,000 to fund basic synovial sarcoma research. (An additional $65,000 was prior to our establishment as a fund, by our community of donors.)

100% of the donations go to synovial sarcoma research. Not a single dollar went to management or marketing.

• The research we have supported—at Memorial Sloan Kettering Foundation and the University of Utah—has resulted in fundamental progress in scientists’ understanding of synovial sarcoma, its behavior, and potential treatment of the disease. This research has been published in leading journals of the field, including
Cancer Research and Oncogene.

• Our events in Reykjavik (2007), New York (2008, 2009, 2011), Istanbul (2010), and Morristown (2016), and medical publications and other activities have raised awareness about this disease and created an international community of donors.