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About Nabil
Paul Nabil died on August 19th, 2006 after a twelve-year struggle with synovial sarcoma. He was 33. We have launched this website and fund to both remember him and further the cause that he held dear.

Nabil lived each hour, day, and year with heart. And it was from the heart that he drew his immense courage throughout his ordeal with cancer. He repeatedly confronted a series of treatments and emerged each time with more determination, strength and compassion. He loved his friends, who respected him as a role model and confidant. He loved his family, who cherished his warmth and humor. He loved the small things in life, the funny stories and charming details that we keep in our hearts, the memories we are lucky to have because we are lucky to have had Nabil.
The cause
The purpose of the Foundation is to support synovial sarcoma research. Synovial Sarcoma is presently an incurable form of cancer that afflicts hundreds of young people each year, ages 15 to 35, most of whom die within a few years of becoming ill.
The PNB Fund is entirely run by volunteers and all donations go directly to support synovial sarcoma research.
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Help the PNB Fund to raise funds for desperately needed research into treatment and a cure for Synovial Sarcoma [more]